Making Homemade Chutney

Making Homemade ChutneyThis week I made a batch of homemade chutney.  Some friends gave us some cooking apples from their tree and I’ve been using them for various things.  I’d been putting off making the chutney, but then my Internet connection was playing up so I thought I’ll get on with preserving.

Making homemade chutney involves a lot of chopping: you need to get the ingredients cut up into small enough pieces.  So make a virtue of the need to be engaged in a repetitive task: listen to a radio programme (easy to pick one you like now with the ability to pick one from the last week or so readily available); put on a favourite CD; listen to an audio book; or have a little company to talk to while you work.

I’ve been making homemade chutney for a couple of years now and have been experimenting with various recipes.  This time I made Apple and Onion Chutney which uses up quite a large quantity of apples.  The recipe came from this book called Jams and Chutneys, which was a Christmas present.

What do you like to do when you are chopping up your vegetables for chutney?  Do you have a favourite recipe or a bible of preserving that you use?

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