Rekorderlig Winter Cider

hot or cold ciderNow we are into November, it seems properly the time for some hot toddies (also known as hot totty and hot tottie if you are north of the border).  One of my favourite drink memories is of having hot toddies as the drinks on arrival at my sister’s winter wedding, and it seemed so much better than champagne.  Recently, Rekorderlig got in touch as asked me to try their winter cider.  They suggested that you could drink it hot or cold.  I’d not really thought about heating cider before, although I guess why not we have mulled wine or glühwein quite regularly through the winter.  So I decided to give it a try.

It was very easy to do: just pour into a pan and heat gently for a few minutes.  I added it to glasses (heat-resistant ones) with a little sliced orange.  It was lovely.  In fact, it slipped down very quickly and easily, possibly a little too quickly and easily. I guess you could add spices to the cider and mull it a little longer for a heavier taste, but I don’t think it needs it really.  This is one to drink on a chilly evening in front of a real fire with a cosy blanket if you can.

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12 thoughts on “Rekorderlig Winter Cider

  1. You are the 2nd person who has talked about warm cider this week, I am definitely trying it, next time I go to Asda I;m grabbing a few bottles

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