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RoyalVKB Special Spoons KitSo what are special spoons you ask?  I thought the same when I first heard about RoyalVKB’s Special Spoons Kit.   RoyalVKB’s Special Spoons Kit is a set of “special spoons” with specific uses. The set includes five spoons that can be used for serving:

  • chilli sauce – small for spicy things (good for getting out the last bits from awkward corners of chutney jars too)
  • pickles (more of a fork really with those spikes to spear your pickled onion on)
  • olives (with holes to drain off any liquid)
  •  pate (good for spreading humous too)
  •  jams

There’s a spoon for all those jars that we store in the fridge.  In the past, special spoons like these were a part of the cutlery canteen, but these days you don’t very often see cutlery for specific purposes.  And yet, I don’t know why as it makes cooking, serving and eating so much more pleasurable when you have the right tool for the job.  Every time I eat a boiled egg I miss my mother’s egg spoons which were just the right side and shape for the job.

Made from a high quality plastic, the Special Spoons are supplied in a model kit format. To use them for the first time you have to break them free from their frame with a sharp knife, scissors or just by twisting them free.  At the back of each spoon there’s a notch cut out to help you balance the spoon on the edge of the jar.  Coming in a choice of 4 rather funky colours, Special Spoons look fun as well as being practical.

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18 thoughts on “Special Spoons

  1. There’s definitely a spoon for everything there – don’t think it’s something I’d buy but if I was given it as a gift I’d be pleased 🙂

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