Tartan Rug From Buyakilt.com

discount code for buyakiltIt’s lovely to review a product that you can use every day and that provides a little, affordable luxury into everyday life.  As I write this piece I have my Ramsay Blue Tartan Blanket Rug tucked around my legs keeping me cosy and warm in my rather draughty, Edwardian house.

As you can see it’s a handsome looking rug made from 100% pure, new wool and produced to a high quality standard.  It measures 5 foot by 6 foot approximately, which is a good size for snuggling up on the sofa, as a throw or a picnic blanket come the summer.  The fringed edges add a nice decorative touch too.  The blanket is priced at £25.20 currently which is good value for a top quality product.  The other good news is that readers of A Little Luxury For Me can get a reduced price by using a special discount code for buyakilt of luxury10.  This buyakilt voucher code will get you 10% off any of the products on the buyakilt.com website.  Buyakilt.com are a Scottish Highland dress supplier and stock a wide range of products from kilts to hats, shoes to scarves.

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