AirPop Pocket Face Mask Review #Ad

Now that we are well into the pandemic, I think we have all tried a number of different face masks.  I’ve tried to avoid using disposable ones, as I prefer a reusable mask as that seems less wasteful. Of course, I have had to use disposable masks when visiting hospitals, etc. though.  I’ve tried a number of reusuable fabric ones too, but so far all have had a few downsides.  There’s also a concern about how effective they are as most of the ones I’ve tried are only two layers thick.  So when AirPop got in touch about their Pocket mask, I was keen to try it out.

air pop pocket mask blackCompany history and credentials

AirPop is the world’s first air wearables company and was founded in 2015. The brand combines material science with the latest technology to build ultra-high-performance products providing an unrivalled breathing experience for millions of users around the world. Founder Chris Hosmer and his team conducted lengthy research to ensure AirPop products delivered on three key elements to make them effective: fit, filtration and breathability.

Wearing the AirPop pocket mask

The Pocket mask is a hybrid semi-reusable mask designed for 40 hours of wear time (this can be cumulative). Airpop says it can be worn for 40 hours and up to 10 washes before you need to retire it.  It’s made from three layers of spun-bound, non-woven polyester and nylon, which makes it similar to disposable masks. There’s a foam nose bridge which really helps with making them comfortable and creating a good fit.  This was the first mask I’ve tried with the foam nose bridge and it certainly makes a difference to being able to wear it for longer.  Also the ear straps were gentle on the ears, but still maintained a snug fit.
airpop pocket mask whiteFiltration results are impressive: 99.9% before washing, and 94% after five washes. It will cost more than a fully reusable mask, but that might be a price worth paying if you are encountering higher risk situations; are vulnerable; or want to protect about a more infectious virus.

Carrying the mask

You can fold the mask up and put it away in a small carrying case.  The on pack instructions weren’t very clear to me, but I was easily able to follow the online instructions.  The vent on the top of the case allows any moisture to evaporate naturally between wears.  This helps keep the mask dry and fresh for when you need it.

Summing up

The Pocket mask has impressed independent experts too, as it scored an impressive 94% in Which’s latest face mask round up.  Not only did Which’s testing reinforce how effective the Pocket mask is, the masks were also awarded a BSI Kitemark late last year.

Overall I found the AirPop pocket mask a reassuring and comfortable mask to wear.  The mask is quite thick, so it’s not so comfortable when it’s hot, but that goes for just about any mask worth wearing to be honest.  It holds its shape well and folds up nicely.  Wearing the mask for a long time is fairly easy though. I’d see myself using these for high risk activities in the future.  That’s because I have been impressed by the effectiveness and ease of wear.

Disclosure: I was sent masks to try for the purposes of this review.

Little Luxury Splurges to Cheer You Up

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, most people had to work from home and minimise outdoor activities. With so many future uncertainties, it is okay to feel anxious and unhappy. Unfortunately, too much worry can drive you into depression. An effective way to uplift your mood is to pamper yourself with luxurious gifts. Here are a few gift ideas that will put a smile on your face:

leather, bagA Gorgeous Handbag

If you love trendy fashion accessories, then you’ve come to the right place. Who doesn’t love a bag to put you in the best mood ever?! For a gorgeous pick-me-up, you can check out sites like Mirta, that offers beautiful, top quality Italian handbags. Bags and leather goods from Italy are famous for their genuine leather and stylish finishes. You can opt for a cross-body design or a handle bag with your favourite colours!  Apart from woven and full-grain leather, you can buy an eco-friendly faux sheepskin handle bag and feel a little bit better about your shopping habits. It’s like getting Italy delivered to your door!

Humidifying Oil Diffuser

Staying indoors for extended periods can dampen your mood. However, a pleasant fragrance can change the environment and lighten up the ambience in your house. That is why you need to invest in a humidifying oil diffuser with light settings to represent various fragrances. Cinnamon perfume is a favourite and has a pleasant holiday scent, so your house will not be stuffy1

Chic Sunglasses

Sunglasses are handy for outdoor activities and give a bold fashion statement. Pamper yourself with a pair of chic and stylish sunglasses. What’s better than an oh-so-glamorous pair of Celine square cat-eye sunglasses, that are perfect for outdoor adventures like walking in the park or going to the beach! You can also find a less expensive, more budget friendly pair anywhere online, there are so many cool sites now offering filters so you can try on products from your home.

Shampoo Scalp Massager and Hair Treatment

Nothing is more relaxing than massaging your scalp or treating your hair. When you cannot visit a beauty salon for a stunning hair cut or massage, you can achieve the same relaxation by investing in a scalp shampoo or leave-in conditioner! You can use the shampoo to exfoliate and massage your scalp when washing your hair. When you apply the shampoo with your fingers, it will to the hair roots and thoroughly cleans your scalp. You can try many treatments from lines such as Aveda, or the Ouai, to name a few.


Photo by Jasmin Chew on Unsplash

Gorgeous Necklace

Shake off your bad mood with an elegant piece of jewellery from small jewelry brands like Lil Milan. All their necklaces are handmade from gold, which means they are sparkly and durable! The best part about buying a gold necklace is that you do not have to take it off in the shower or at the beach to avoid fading. You can literally wear it all the time! You can also pair your necklace with matching gold Hoops to make it an extra treat! The luxury associated with a gold piece is a sure way to brighten your mood and it’s something you’ll have forever.

Fashion provides infinite options to awaken your creativity. Most of the gifts above will only cost a few pounds, but they will have a remarkable effect on your mood. Besides, shopping for gifts online can be a fulfilling activity and keep you busy!